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Platte Canyon High School

Mathematics and Science

C. Norman
G. Howard
D. Marks
M. L. Parsons
J. Heberling
M. Schmidt
Algebra 3
Algebra 2
J. Ghist
T. Gumm




Welcome to our website.

Please click on the appropriate button on the side bar for information about the teachers and their classes.

The math department recommends that students in Algebra 2 or above have a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator or the equivalent.

'Old mathematicians never die; they just lose some of their functions!'

Important Dates

August 27     School Begins

September 24  Back to school night

September 26  Freshmen and sophomores - Terra Nova testing;  Juniors - PLAN testing

October 6  Homecoming

October 25 - 26     Midterms

October 30 and November 1  Parent Conferences

March 19 - March 23        Spring Break

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break

December 22 - January 1  Winter Break

 January 9 - 10         Final Exams



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